What We Are

Who We Are

The New Jersey Firearms Academy is an educational institution dedicated in teaching its students the highest quality and safest firearms training available. We promote “Loyalty, Integrity, Excellence” which we believe makes up the best core values for the perfect marksman. We stand by our belief in loyalty to the principles and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, our duty to God, self, family, country and brethren, we hold firmly to our principles of the rightness of character and lastly, on our views on excellence – which is never settling for anything less than the best.

What We Do

We render products pertaining to firearms, self-defense and security – both educational and non-educational. We have a wide array of courses from basic firearms to armed security guard training. We also offer law enforcement education courses – either as a professional, a student or a retired officer – as well as private investigator training. Non-educational services are also provided such as canine training, range shooting and group shooting events.

How We Started

The idea for the New Jersey Firearms Academy started when Lateif Dickerson, the founder and current chief instructor and director, saw the need of a higher standard in firearms training while he worked as an instructor and range safety officer at the Cherry Ridge Range in Vernon, New Jersey. Inspired by the business model and organizational structure of the Jersey City Taekwondo and Kickboxing Academy, Lateif Dickerson sought to make his idea to reality. In 2000, the New Jersey Firearms Academy, Inc. was established and became fully operational.