Programs and Classes

The New Jersey Firearms Academy teaches three different levels of firearms training in the disciplines of Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun which includes the basic lessons and instructions on how to properly shoot at a target, handle a firearm, firearm safety and how to take care for a firearm. The New Jersey Firearms Academy also teaches its students marksmanship training which pertains to the accuracy of shooting.

Before enrolment to a class of a person’s choice, all qualified individuals who wish to avail of the training and education on the academy have to go over a registration form that they have to complete which asks about the person’s information, criminal records, state of health, and other necessary data before an applicant is accepted to attend any firearms training course at the New Jersey Firearms Academy. It is federal law that anyone who is convicted of felony or with unstable mental health – such as individuals with severe psychosis or mood disturbances – are prohibited to own or purchase firearms and therefore not qualified for firearms training.

Individuals who have health issues that would hinder them to proper training or handling firearms are advised to not avail of the firearms training. Women who are pregnant are also advised to not partake in the training because of lead exposure.

The instructors in the New Jersey Firearms Academy, with their several years of experience in teaching, handling and expertise in firearms and security-related areas, have the certification and knowledge to teach those involved in the area of law enforcement which might include but not limited to law enforcement students, law enforcement officials and retired law enforcement officers into the betterment of their craft or learning new ones.


Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Training

The New Jersey Firearms Academy offers Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun training in three different levels which are the beginner, advanced and intermediate levels that is designed for the training level a student has.

For those who are entirely new to firearms training, the beginner course is highly commendable, given that the student has filled out the training application within the website and is of good legal standing and can undergo firearms training. Those who seek more instruction as they further their training must meet qualifications before an individual can be raised to a higher level.

National Rifle Association (NRA) Training Courses

Firearms training by the National Rifle Association are also offered by the New Jersey Firearms Academy by NRA-Certified instructors. The training courses offered are for the disciplines of Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. A certificate of completion is handed out to those who have successfully gone through the NRA training course or courses.

Marksmanship Training

The students of New Jersey Firearms Academy are entitled to the best firearms training once they have signed up. As what was stated in the fundamentals of the Academy, the mindset of Excellence is established so that the students aim for perfect qualifications and to never settle with mediocrity or being “good enough.” With the right education, instruction and motivation, a student can be molded to be the perfect marksman.

Advanced Training Courses

Advanced training courses are offered for those have experience in dealing firearms, as well as for those whose professions involve the use of firearms on a regular basis such as armed security guards, private investigators and law enforcement officers. Those who wish to enter into such professions may also avail the advanced courses to properly equip them for whichever security profession they would wish to take.

Aside from those interested to enter the security and law enforcement fields, the advanced training courses would be essential for those who intend to be competitive or combative shooters. Fitness and conditioning are also taught in the advanced classes.

Private Investigator

A new addition to the programs offered by the New Jersey Firearms Academy is the Private Investigator training which was launched in 2015. The program aims to teach its potential students what it takes to be a private investigator and instruction on investigative work such as surveillance and report writing as well as exposure in the field through paid internships. The program is applicable to the residents of both New Jersey and New York.

Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Programs

Advanced training is offered to those who are in or interested in Law Enforcement. The Police Academy training and Armed Security Guard training are some of the programs offered. Skills necessary for the job are taught. Handcuffing, Pepper Spray, and Concealed Carry are some of the classes available for the LEO Programs in the New Jersey Firearms Academy. We also do offer SORA (Security Officer Registration Act) classes.

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