Non-Academic Services

Expert Consulting

Lateif Dickerson has accumulated decades of experience in the security field. He was part of several government institutions such as FEMA, DMAT and Hudson County Department of Corrections as a corrections officer, aside from him being a Training Counselor for the NRA and a firearms expert. He has been consulted by major media industries for his security and firearms expertise. Our expert consultancy services are certainly of eminent regard and highly sought out – from theatrical production to current news events.

Executive Security

The New Jersey Firearms Academy provides excellent security services ranging from armed courier services to event security. We provide executive protection, threat and vulnerability assessment, security risk management, armed and unarmed escort and so much more. You can rest assure that the service we provide is of outstanding regard since we employ our former students.

Canine Training

More than the right dog and the right owner, it takes the right training for dogs to be properly obedient and of service. At the New Jersey Firearms Academy, we train canines to be working and guard dogs, as well as tracking and trailing dogs. We have trained several working dogs that are now part of law enforcement activities and personal protection.

Group Shooting Events

Group shooting events is one of the things highly recommended to people who would want to try a fun and unique activity. We can host a wide variety of group events, from bachelorette parties to corporate events like team building activities. We also have a fun shooting event called ‘Zombie Handgun Survival Course’ where the participants will get to shoot targets and have an introductory handgun course. The group shooting events are all held in either indoor or outdoor ranges and we also offer customized group shooting events.

Fitness Training and Conditioning

We are dedicated into creating the perfect marksman, therefore we are dedicated to not just the academic aspect of training, but also to the physical aspect of it. We have a training program specifically designed to improve strength and shooting performance. We train our students to be properly physically conditioned to shooting sessions – in example, combative or competitive shooting.