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School Description

The United States has the highest gun ownership per capita than any other nation in the world. Responsibility as well as knowledge about gun ownership is critically essential to every American who owns a gun. Education – the finest and best quality education – is our business and specialty here at the New Jersey Firearms Academy.

The New Jersey Firearms Academy is dedicated to its mission of teaching individuals the highest quality and safest firearms training locally available as well as the best marksmanship and law enforcement training that is suitable to the state of New Jersey as well as other neighboring states.

Persons who are interested and qualified may enrol for our basic classes and those interested to further their education can apply to our intermediate to advanced firearms classes. Doesn’t matter if you’re novice or professional, everyone can learn or master a new skill at the New Jersey Firearms Academy!

For Media

The New Jersey Firearms Academy, Inc. (NJFA) is a privately owned educational institution built and founded by Lateif Dickerson in 1999 and was incorporated in 2000. It believes in the motto of “Loyalty, Integrity, Excellence” which are the core values that creates the perfect marksman. The academy includes First Aid, Self Defense, Business Protection and Canine Training in its list of various courses and training programs. Other than educational services, NJFA also provides security services and consultancy, courier services, group shooting events and use of range facilities. NJFA hosts a wide array of products pertaining to firearms and security. Aside from those, the academy is the home of the New Jersey Firearms Academy Shooting Team (NJFAST) as well as clubs for the Men, Women and Youth.

NJFA is accredited by different bodies such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the American Red Cross.

Founder of the New Jersey Firearms Academy

With his accumulated lifetime of experiences, credentials and certifications, Lateif Dickerson currently stands as the Chief Instructor and Director of the NJFA. Lateif Dickerson competes in the Master Class level and has won several competitions. He has been highly sought after by major media outlets, with topics ranging from current events to professional opinions, because of his expertise most especially with firearms.

Lateif Dickerson began formally shooting when he was 19 years old under the instruction of a retired Vietnam War veteran. After which he acquired Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer in 1998. Amongst many other qualifications and recognitions, Lateif has both corporate and government credentials that makes him a distinguished expert in his field.

What’s New with the NJFA

In October of 2015, the New Jersey Firearms Academy, Inc has launched its Private Investigator Program which features a complete set of educational training for those who are interested as well as qualified to be Private Investigators. The program includes paid internship as an additional field exposure for its students. Classes for this program are currently ongoing.

NJFA was featured in Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on December 10, 2015. It was featured in Jordan Klepper’s Good Guy with a Gun, Part 1. Lateif Dickerson, addressed in the show as “Chief”, has trained Jordan Klepper on how to obtain a Florida Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) license. It is a mix of both comic blurbs as well as information on firearms training. The video has gathered more than 3 million views on


If you have more questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact either Lateif or me on our Contact Us page.