Private Investigators – Abilities and Limitations

People know about Private Investigators or Private Detectives only from movies and Private Investigators are portrayed as people wearing some trenchcoat, a hat and acting all mysterious. But, to help spread information and combat disinformation, I’d like to tell readers, in brief, what PIs can do and cannot do. Private investigators help prosecutors and attorneys […]

The National Rifle Association

Most of us might have heard of the National Rifle Association or NRA whenever the subject of guns comes along but not all of us may know what it truly stands for and its significance on protecting the Second Amendment rights of millions of Americans. The NRA is a non-profit organization that advocates gun rights, […]

Security Products That Need More Press

Well, to keep the whole post completely relevant to security and its other branches, I only wrote about things that would pertain to it. These products are all over the internet, by the way and if you wish to know more about these in detail, I will provide the official websites together with the names […]


A lot of people might have not heard of encryption before but before we go any further, I would want to give a definition of encryption “…encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it. Encryption does not of itself prevent interception, but denies […]

A Compilation of Interesting Firearms Facts

In the spirit of neutrality, I have compiled some firearms facts from different sources and I couldn’t stress enough that I certainly did this without any source of bias. I made this post with the agenda in mind that I would like to remind people that there are different perspectives on everything and disagreeing on […]

Firearms: The Cause or Solution to Violence?

Guns, especially with the abundance of mass shooting issues that America faced last year, have received a rather unpleasant public perspective. It also does not help that more and more gun control campaigns are pushed through by the government that would limit the capacity of an ordinary citizen to legally acquire firearms thus once again […]