The National Rifle Association

Most of us might have heard of the National Rifle Association or NRA whenever the subject of guns comes along but not all of us may know what it truly stands for and its significance on protecting the Second Amendment rights of millions of Americans.


The NRA is a non-profit organization that advocates gun rights, promotes gun safety, mandates firearms training and holds a certain standard and has been holding competitive shooting events annually on local, statewide and national basis. Lateif Dickerson, the owner, founder and director of the New Jersey Firearms Academy, competes at the Camp Perry annually since 2014.

The NRA, to clear things up first and foremost, is a private institution and not mandated by the government or built by the government. The NRA has three different bodies, the NRA of America, the NRA-ILA and the NRA Foundation. The NRA is mainly funded by member dues, which make up for more than half of the organization’s funding. The second largest source of funds of the NRA is through voluntary donations.

As for firearms training, a lot of firearms training schools, such as the New Jersey Firearms Academy, are using the NRA standards when it comes to teaching about firearms and firearms safety. Lateif Dickerson, a member of the NRA, said that it is their goal to reach to as much people as possible and advocate gun safety and training and educate the masses about guns, in general. Also, the NRA doesn’t extend their services exclusively to people who are not in the Law Enforcement, they train Law Enforcement Officers too in an extensive degree. They provide training and education to law enforcement officers to better their firearms skills.

The National Rifle Association has been a regulating body for firearms training and safety fortmany years now despite its status of being a non-profit organization. A lot of Americans are members of the NRA which makes it a pretty sizeable community for Americans who enjoy guns, gun sports and other firearms related subjects.

The NRA has been subject to a lot of controversies as of late because of its influence over politics and issues about gun control. Since the government, even President Obama himself, has been strictly advocating tougher gun control measures. The NRA has been stepping in to check no rights of Americans have been violated. Although some think that the NRA has been interfering too much, there are no other institutions that has much influence and members that protect American gun rights other than the NRA.

People, however, have a generally positive view of the NRA despite its frequent entanglement with cntroversies surrounding gun control movements and advocacies and although the media may portray the NRA in a bad light, we can’t deny how much the NRA has stepped in and defended the gun ownership rights of millions of Americans – both members and non-members. With large funding from contributors and voluntary donations, the NRA would certainly be around for a long time, along with its strong community support.


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