Private Investigators – Abilities and Limitations

People know about Private Investigators or Private Detectives only from movies and Private Investigators are portrayed as people wearing some trenchcoat, a hat and acting all mysterious. But, to help spread information and combat disinformation, I’d like to tell readers, in brief, what PIs can do and cannot do.

Private investigators help prosecutors and attorneys find information about cases. Usually, they search for people’s full names, locations, phone numbers, email addresses and other data or pieces of information available on public record or by request from counties. Private investigators also do the task of surveillance or surveilling people, which is a large part of the field work of private investigators. Other than that, they also conduct interviews and such.

Another large part of the jobs of private investigators are report-writing. Like any other field, proper documentation is direly important because it has to be presented on the court. That’s why private investigators record conversations they have with their clients or subjects they interview.

Private investigators, apparently, find people and information about them, in general and monitor whatever they are doing but there are fine lines between working with the law to breaking the law when it comes to private investigation. As an example, private investigators cannot record conversations without the individual’s consent lest it would inadmissible before a court. Private investigators also cannot trespass private property. Private investigators cannot hack into systems or take protected information. Plus hacking into systems without permission from the party is strictly against the law on most jurisdictions.

Private investigators are not allowed to make arrests. Even if a lot come from background involving law enforcement or security fields, they cannot make arrests. Private investigators, in the broadest of sense, really gather information as much as they could and surveil persons of interest. Oftentimes, private investigators work on infidelity cases or anything that pertains to matrimony such as cheating spouses or partners and matters regarding alimony.

Private Investigators cover a lot more than what I can say on this article. Private Investigators help a wide range of people. There really are people out there who need to clear their name from serious charges which they didn’t commit, they help save marriages and families and they also help to clear out fraud. Indeed. Private Investigation is an interesting field and people interested in it should really consider getting it.


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