Security Products That Need More Press

Well, to keep the whole post completely relevant to security and its other branches, I only wrote about things that would pertain to it. These products are all over the internet, by the way and if you wish to know more about these in detail, I will provide the official websites together with the names of the products that I have suggested below.

I also have to clear out that this is NOT product promotion and I am NOT advertising nor am I getting some sort of monetary compensation for these products. I am writing this solely because I want to inform people that there are great products out there that need more press.

Jagdkommando Dagger (no official website)

A knife that’s definitely one of its kind deserves a mention on this blog somewhere. Some argue that this dagger’s main purpose is to kill, some say that it really is one useful dagger. Some also push through that this dagger should be illegal but, whatever people’s reasons may be, I still think this is one excellent piece of metal.

The Jagdkommando Tri-blade Dagger is made up of three different blades that twists together. The handle, which can be screwed, also serves as a glass breaker. The dagger can inflict serious damage on whoever person unlucky enough to be wounded by the tool. Wounds from tri-blade daggers can do serious damage because an individual can bleed to death in a matter of minutes and that the wounds can be hard to be repaired even by skilled surgeons.

Although questionnable, one cannot deny that such a dagger would be terrific in case someone threatens your life.

Getac Gadgets

Rugged notebooks and tablets are something used by military personnel if they are on the field and have to do some documentation. Getac, I believe is made in Japan and we all know of the Japanese reputation on their gadgets.

The features of Rugged Gadgets is that despite height, temperature, exposure to water and pressure, it can survive without a scratch and without damage to your data storage within your device. The downside is, most rugged laptops have outdated operating systems and other technical specifications. I chose to present Getac because it is the most updated rugged laptop currently on the market.

What’s good with Getac is that it is highly customizable to features of your choice. From hard drive capacity to the operating system of your choice, it gives you the freedom to choose what options you like that would depend entirely on your usage. Panasonic, which is another rugged laptop manufacturer, does not really offer as much as Getac does. Panasonic is a well known brand however, compared to Getac.

Another downside of rugged laptops is the price. A notebook can cost as much as half a grand and even more, depending on the specifications and upgrades. But, if you are on the field and would seek out a career in military service or would really just want one kickass laptop that you can virtually bring anywhere in the world, Getac gadgets would serve you well.

Tails OS

If you ever dream of becoming the next James Bond and would want to make drops of anonymous tips about large-scale, confidential information that can affect the rest of the world then the Tails OS (operating system) is one worthy of such a task.

Tails or The Amnesiac Incognito Live System is a Debian (Linux distribution) based operating system that would let you stay anonymous, wherever and whenever. The concept of a Live Operating System (Live OS) is plugging a bootable device – say, a flash drive for that matter, make a few tweaks on your system, and run the Operating System like any other system you would like to use but once you shut your computer down, it would erase all of your data without a trace, leaving nothing behind. If you are new to computers and only know basic commands and have been using Windows or Macintosh for a long time then you would certainly find the User Interface a little bit overwhelming and challenging but after a few uses, you will eventually get the hang of it. For Linux users, using Tails OS would be easier – no doubt.

What’s special about Tails OS is it is preconfigured with software that you would need to use that would protect your anonymity – from email clients, document processors and chat services, it is basically a whole system in just 2 GB. In case you would need to save files, you can set up a persistent disk which you can then mount and store files in. However, that might compromise your anonymity. You can, however, encrypt your flash drive along with the persistent drive.

The network settings of the Tails OS is heavily dependent on Tor – an anonymous browser that relies on encrypted nodes that hides your real IP addresses – which are unique and heavily personally identifable.

The best thing about this is that Tails OS is completely free.

P.S. This is what Edward Snowden used when he told the world about how much the NSA spies on American’s conversations and other matters.

Crkt Protective Pens

Tails is probably my favorite one on this list but, I think I love the Protective Pens as much. The Tao Pen, unfortunately discontinued, is my favorite everyday tool. I carry it with me wherever I go. It’s made entirely of aluminum and it can be quite heavier than most pens, even Parker pens made of stainless steel, but it does write pretty good. Probably one of the best pens out there ever in creation.

There are many times in one’s life where you simply cannot bring a weapon. For example, when you are on a flight, in an office, a public transportation vehicle or a shopping mall. Carrying a weapon or anything to defend yourself with doesn’t exactly constitute paranoia but it, however, helps in achieving a piece of mind – that you are not defenseless in case someone engages you in a violent way. Especially at night where you can easily be caught off guard. But there’s this trusty pen that you can always depend on.

So, there it is. If you have used some or all of the products I have mentioned, feel free to share your experiences in here.


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