A Compilation of Interesting Firearms Facts

In the spirit of neutrality, I have compiled some firearms facts from different sources and I couldn’t stress enough that I certainly did this without any source of bias. I made this post with the agenda in mind that I would like to remind people that there are different perspectives on everything and disagreeing on something doesn’t automatically make you wrong or right. It’s important that we tolerate our varying opinions and respect each another for having them. Unless, of course, you push your opinions into someone else’s throats, then that’s a while other topic. Also, we have infographics about firearms which you can see here and here.

If you’ve enjoyed what I compiled, share it to your social media handles. Also, you can click on the hyperlinked texts (ones that say ‘Source’) to find out more about my references. It’s a treasure trove of factual information and that’s the best I can do for these people who are kind enough to publish the information they have compiled for all of us to see.

Mind you, that I only selected that I think most would be interested in and I didn’t include everything from my sources. I might as well mention that these statistics are exclusively from the United States and I have not included information from other countries.


Americans have shown broad and consistent support for expanded background checks for gun purchasers. In July, 85% of the public – including large majorities of both Republicans (79%) and Democrats (88%) – favored making private gun sales and sales at gun shows subject to background checks. There also was substantial bipartisan support for laws to prevent people with mental illness from purchasing guns.

The reasons that some Americans own a gun have changed. In 1999, far more gun owners cited hunting, rather than self-protection, as the main reason they owned guns. By 2013, those attitudes had shifted: 48% said protection was the main reason to own a gun, while 32% pointed to hunting. Source

Gun supporters are more politically engaged than gun opponents. Our May 2013 survey found that there was a substantial gap when it came to political involvement between gun control supporters and gun rights advocates, whether NRA members or others. A quarter of those who prioritized gun rights said they had, at some point, contributed money to an organization that took a position on the issue, compared with 6% of gun control supporters. There was less of a gap on other activities, such as contacting public officials or expressing opinions on social media. But when all those activities were combined, gun rights proponents outnumbered gun control supporters by 45% to 26% when it came to those who said they were involved in one or more instances of activism. Source

NRA’s 93,000 Certified Instructors and 12,000 Law Enforcement Instructors reach over 800,000 people annually. NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has been used by more than 26,000 schools, law enforcement agencies, and civic groups to reach more than 26 million children since 1988. The fatal gun accident rate has declined 94% since 1904.

There are more guns and gun owners in the U.S. than ever. During the last decade, “gun control” has been significantly reduced. The federal waiting period on handguns ended in 1998. Congress refused to renew the federal “assault weapon” and “large” magazine ban, allowing it to expire in 2004. Congress and 33 states have prohibited frivolous lawsuits against the firearms industry. Forty-two states have Right-to-Carry laws, and 48 states prohibit cities from imposing gun laws more restrictive than state law. From 1991 to 2012, the total violent crime rate declined 49% to a 42-year low, and the murder rate declined by 52% to a 49-year low. Source

Between February 2004 and February 2010, 1,225 firearm and three explosives background checks for people on terrorist watch lists were processed through the federal background check system. Of these, 91% of the firearm transactions and 100% of the explosives transactions were allowed.

A 1997 U.S. Justice Department survey of 14,285 state prison inmates found that among those inmates who carried a firearm during the offense for which they were sent to jail, 0.7% obtained the firearm at a gun show, 1% at a flea market, 3.8% from a pawn shop, 8.3% from a retail store, 39.2% through an illegal/street source, and 39.6% through family or friends. Source

ATF’s National Tracing Center (NTC) is the country’s only crime gun tracing facility. NTC provides critical information that helps domestic and international law enforcement agencies solve firearms crimes, detect firearms trafficking, and track the intrastate, interstate, and international movement of crime guns. Source

Over the past 20 years, gun sales have absolutely exploded, but homicides with firearms are down 39 percent during that time and “other crimes with firearms” are down 69 percent.

After the city of Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring every home to have a gun, the crime rate dropped by more than 50 percent over the course of the next 23 years and there was an 89% decline in burglaries. Source


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