Firearms: The Cause or Solution to Violence?

Guns, especially with the abundance of mass shooting issues that America faced last year, have received a rather unpleasant public perspective. It also does not help that more and more gun control campaigns are pushed through by the government that would limit the capacity of an ordinary citizen to legally acquire firearms thus once again tarnishing the image of guns with faulty statistics that politicians and gun control advocates propagate. Perhaps in a different or same light, it would appear as if that guns are associated with violence. Thinking it through, it would seem like it looks that way.

Crime in the present time seem to involve guns far too often, pretty much anywhere one is in the world. South American cartels use guns, religious and political radicai extremists use firearms to promote fear, gangs buy, sell and use illegal firearms, and once in a while we hear a shoot out or a robbery that involve the use of guns. Also, let us not forget the wake of mass shooting events as I have mentioned in my introductory sentence. It seems as if in the instance that we see guns, we anticipate that violence would ensue. In short, we have associated guns with violence. However, as most of us would like to think that we are reasonable individuals, I would like to present the other side of the story – that is, firearms can be used to combat violence.

Akin to all good things created by man and nature, there are the unpleasant sides to it. Idealism remains a concept to this day and often not met in reality therefore it would simply not make sense if we perfect the concept of what’s perfectly good and what’s perfectly bad. However, in the same train of thought, it would be a sound assumption that in the presence of bad, the presence of good also exists. Think of it as coexistence. But, sometimes, we tend to focus on the bad rather than the good. It’s just the way we humans are wired. Like, for example, we laugh at the same joke once or twice but cry about the same thing over and over again. Another example is that we would tend to notice a single black dot on a clean, white sheet.  The way we perceive things, what we sense, such as what we hear or see, greatly affects our perception of how things truly are and it creates a bias. Knowing only one side of the story can greatly affect our perception and view about a particular subject. It is wise to think that there are two sides to every coin, to put it figuratively. If we hear too much bad about guns, we would be inclined to think that guns are bad. If we hear too much good news about guns, we would be inclined to think that guns are good. We often watch, hear and read guns as the primary weapon to spread fear, terrorism and violence and we hear that some armed citizen with a concealed carry license saved endangered lives. To reverberate the topic at hand, I would want to ask; are guns really the cause or solution to violence?

Frankly speaking, it is quite tough to say that guns are either completely good or completely bad in a conclusive manner but in a matter of personal opinion, I don’t think this issue can be seen in black and white. We have had our fair share of good and bad news about guns. Nevertheless, to act in such a conclusive decision, like thinking the ban of guns is good and pushing forth unregulated gun trade is also good doesn’t seem to be logically sound.

I guess the most important thing to consider behind every bullet fired from every gun everywhere in the world is the intention. Does each shot fired promote peace? Propagate war? Commit a crime? Defend oneself? To say that guns is not involved in violence is inaccurate. To say otherwise would suggest inaccuracy as well.

To put an end to this rather lengthy, eight-hundred word essay, I would like to say that guns are, undeniably, tools. Like any other tools, people use them for both good and bad. Like any other tools, the production, distribution and sales of tools will always be regulated. Gun policy should neither be strengthened nor broken loose although policies should consider what’s best for the majority without interference of rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Furthermore, we should all weigh the facts before we consider making a decision – a crucial decision, mind you – if guns serve to do more bad than good or vice versa and carefully looking at different perspectives to give us a more open mind about firearms and how it would affect society as a whole.


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