Guns, Elections and Politics

Within every four years, Americans elect – or re-elect – a new guy (so far) to stay in the White House and sit on the Oval Office. Well, this year is yet another time that Americans elect someone who will fill the now soon empty seat as the highest authority in the American government. Surely by now people have placed their best bets as every day brings us closer to the election date and closer to a new reign. The best thing voters can all do by now is reassess the remaining candidates and their campaigns and imagine or at least ponder on what can happen with during this candidate’s hold in the office on the American people and the nation’s affairs.

The subject of guns is always in constant political heat in debates because it is always either one of two things – anti or pro guns. Some, however, take it to the extreme where supposed proposals actually threaten to violate Constitutional rights. It doesn’t matter which candidate and how they stand with their political platforms, one very important thing has to be carefully considered by every single voting American – that is, a candidate that respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If not for these rights, Americans are not going to have the freedoms they are enjoying right now. If not for these rights, the United States would not be different than the rest of the world. Mind you, some developed nations don’t enjoy the liberties Americans do, same goes for developing nations. I happen to have a friend who told me about how happy she is to be an American because she has noticed firsthand. She thinks and feels rightfully so. It is a blessing to be granted these freedoms that not every one on earth can enjoy. I believe that it is of grave importance that Americans realize this and always put this thought into consideration. When deciding who to vote, we should try to not be persuaded on intelligence, charisma or their influence. Those should matter less. We should, however, look for what they intend to do for the betterment of the United States, such as its economy, foreign relations and how they would try to protect, preserve, respect and abide the Constitution.

In the issue of guns, the Constitution is often not taken into account. So many laws pushing so much restrictions that until, eventually, little by little, law after law, we are granting the deceivers to deceive us as we willingly surrender our right to bear arms and bend over to the will of those who wish to strip Americans off their gifted rights. The way I see it, it is not just guns, it is not just rights but it also is principle.

So, in the upcoming elections, take a few minutes out of your daily lives to sit and think about who to vote and what they stand for. Think of it for the betterment of your family, community and country. To plug-in an age old reminder: remember, every vote counts.


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