The Importance of Firearms Training

Crime is undeniably rampant and crime does not discriminate. Crime affects every age group, every color, every creed and every nation. Crime is an ongoing and an almost unsolvable problem any jurisdiction face. Crime has many factors associated with it. Factors most common associated with crime are socioeconomic factors, – which often stems from poverty and unemployment – educational background, population density, use of illegal substances and mental health issues. In the state of New Jersey, about 1 in 347 can be greatly affected by crime. According to a 2015 crime statistics released by the New Jersey State Police, theft ranks the highest on crime most reported. Reported crime, both violent and non-violent, since September 2015 totals to 11,777. Mind you that these are the reported incidents and it is highly likely that many crimes have went unreported which makes the published statistic inherently non-immune to errors.

When threats to security are noticed in our homes, our neighborhoods or institutions, we often rely to the law enforcement officers. But how fast do they respond? According to the U.S. Department of Justice, it takes about 11 to 60 minutes for police departments to respond to reports of theft at about 36% of the time, 6 to 10 minutes for the 24% of the time and 18% to response within five minutes.

During a time that involves an issue to one’s and family’s property and security, five minutes to an hour might indeed seem like a long time to call for immediate help. So much can happen within a span of minutes, even as much as a few seconds. When facing that particular moment, we have nothing but ourselves and our weapons – if we are fortunate to have one under the circumstances of such an event – to protect ourselves, our families and our properties with. Without the ability to arm and defend ourselves, all that’s left to do is to rely on the chance that law enforcement officials rescue and end that frightening situation.

The importance of self-defense is quite a matter to discuss. It always is best to be prepared in case we meet with an unfortunate event that would cost us our property, our safety and our lives. Self-defense is often more effective with the help of weapons, particularly firearms. You can’t just acquire a gun and use it to defend yourself. Guns don’t operate themselves. It takes a properly educated and trained marksman to properly use firearms and how to employ the skills learned in accordance to a threatening situation, as well as the ability to justify whatever action that made you pull the trigger. Considering the area of self-defense, firearms are quite useful because you can defend yourself within a measurable distance and shoot at your attacker that in turn limits the possibility of more damage by proximity for you.

We are obliged to protect ourselves, our family and our property because who else would do it but ourselves? Crime occurs everywhere wherever you are on the planet and a considerable number of people have witnessed or experienced a crime. Shall we continue feeling helpless or feeling like we are a victim? It is about time that we stand up for ourselves, that we protect ourselves from anyone who dares to threaten our safety and security and that is why we at New Jersey Firearms Academy believe why firearms and self-defense training is important.


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